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Originally from Düsseldorf, photographer Frank Weyrauther aka Phrank is a very familiar face on the Ibiza scene, having worked his magic here since the 90s and providing a very visual and accurate image of what Ibiza is all about. In particular, he is renowned on the club scene, working over the years for surely, some of the most reputable promoters and clubs on the island- amongst them Manumission, Cocoon, We Love, Amnesia, Space, Privilege.

Jill Canney / Fix Ibiza

catch me if you can

de: +49 (0)177 833 877 0  /  es: +34 616 65 98 33  /  skype : phrank303  /  face time:


because i work a lot at night on ibiza, please don't try to call me before 14.00h in summer. there are better chances to catch me by e-mail in the morning;-)

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